Masonry projects, like everything else in construction, tend to decay and deteriorate with time and weather. Most of the masonry problems and damages can be fixed without the need for a total replacement or overhaul if addressed early.

Rocha Construction is expert in masonry repairs due to winter damage, settlement or just age. Take a look at the different repairs we have done around Montgomery County.

Stone Repair Stone Repair!

This stone retaining wall was repaired by replacing all the rotten stones for new ones as well as repointing of the whole wall with cement.
Concrete Repair Concrete Repair!

Concrete usually cracks and peels away due to settlement, salt and other issues. In this application we resurfaced the complete staircase with a new coat of concrete to hide all the imperfections.
Improvement Repair Improvement Repair!

If you have an old, rusty and damaged structure like a brick wall, we can always repaired it by repointing the brick and then covering it up with a new stone veneer.
That secures the integrity of the wall while improving the overal look of the building.
Brick Repair Brick Repair!

Repair based on replacing all the damaged bricks that are missing the face surface along the wall, as well as rebuilding the section taken down by a tree branch.
Bricks and mortar were selected to match the old look and style of the wall, so the repair would not stand out.
Wooden Planter Wall Repair Planter Wall Repair!

Planter walls can rot or move due to water pressure or big roots pushing it out. In this repair, we removed all the old wooden pieces and replaced them with a new set!
Efflorescence Repair Efflorescence Repair!

Efflorescence is, in simple terms, an ugly white stain that sometimes appears on masonry applications. This problem is, in fact, salt that is being pulled out from the material by rain water. Although it dissapears on its own after all the salt runs out, this procedure can take months. We can help you minimize the look of it until the salt goes out on its own completelly.

There are many more samples of our repairs on the Slideshow below!! Make sure to take a look at it and click on whichever picture you want to see bigger.

Then give us a call to give you a Free Estimate on any repair you need on your house! Remember, the sooner the better!!

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It is NOT allowed to use our pictures without our written consent.
It is NOT allowed to use our pictures without our written consent.
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