Planter Wall Planter Walls or Garden Walls are small walls created to enclose an area to hold flowers and plants. There are many materials (like stone, brick or wood) that can be used to create them, and each one will fit a determined design and look.

These main point on their installation is that these walls are not supposed to hold a lot of weight, so their footers and specifications are not too tough. Moreover, since they are relatively short in height, they do not require any type of permit from the county.

They are a nice DIY project. The easiest one being the dry stack installation of flat mountain stones. To do this project, go to your stone supplier and ask them to deliver a pallet or two of flat mountain stones. Once at home, just dig a 4" to 6" trench and start stacking stones one on top of each other! (Make it a double row of stones for extra strenght).

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It is NOT allowed to use our pictures without our written consent.
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