A Concrete Patio is a really affordable structure that can be installed in a couple of days and that can give you a nice patio for your outdoor seating areas and grills.

There are many types of concrete patios: standard white concrete, stamped concrete or even colored concrete. Concrete Patio Unfortunately, concrete is a difficult material that does not leave room for mistakes. If the concrete dries or goes bad before you were able to finish it, the only real solution to fix it is to jack it out and rebuild.

We do not recomend this type of project to be a "do it yourself" project. But if you want to give it a try, at least try not to make a very big patio as your first project.

To create a long lasting patio, always make sure that you are either on undisturbed soil. Otherwise, you will need to install a few inches of compacted gravel to help with settlement. For patio applications, a 4" thick slab of reinforced concrete should be enough. Reinforcement materials can vary from welded wire mesh to fiber glass. Either one would work, just make sure that the concrete is not being installed without one.

Install Concrete Patio Concrete is a very unforgiving material, so make sure that the excavation, gravel base and all the wooden forms you might need are 100% ready before you start with the mix.

There are three ways to obtain the concrete: premixed on a concrete truck, premixed on bags, or by mixing it on place from its base materials (Cement, Gravel and Sand). Which option is selected would depend on the amount of concrete, the use of the concrete and the workspace itself.

Remember to pour the concrete by areas, always finishing the top smooth before it dries too much! And do not remove the forms until concrete is dry enough to sit by itself.

This is a really broad overview of a few pointers for concrete patio installation. There are many details and techniques that are not explained here. We really recomend a professional to install or just help you with your DIY concrete patio. Gives us a call. We offer free estimates for all Montgomery County and Maryland!!

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It is NOT allowed to use our pictures without our written consent.
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